Meditation and Bhagavad Gita Reading

Friday evenings, 7 – 9 pm

We welcome you to join us for meditation, reading and reflection on Paramahansa Yogananda's Gita commentary, God Talks with Arjuna, The Bhagavad Gita, Royal Science of God Realization.

The entire knowledge of the cosmos is packed into the Gita. Supremely profound, yet couched in revelatory language of solacing beauty and simplicity, the Gita has been understood and applied on all levels of human endeavor and spiritual striving – sheltering a vast spectrum of human beings with their disparate natures and needs. Wherever one is on the way back to God, the Gita will shed its light on that segment of the journey.
~ From the Introduction of God Talks with Arjuna

The Gita Study group meets weekly in the house behind the chapel at 73 Wheatland Street. From the main chapel, walk around the left side, following the path to the house. The group begins each meeting with an hour of meditation and chanting creating an open and receptive state for the absorption of the reading. A member (or members of the group) then reads the three to four page verse(s) assigned for that week. Time is taken to digest the material through meditative reflection and review. Those attending may share a quote of a sentence or two of the reading which has special meaning to them. Time is taken to reflect upon the practical application of the reading to one’s own life.

Those attending are encouraged to bring their copy of Paramahansa Yogananda’s Gita commentary, God Talks with Arjuna, The Bhagavad Gita, Royal Science of God Realization, which you can purchase in hardcover or softcover from the SRF Online Catalog or another online bookstore.

Opportunity to recieve weekly Gita reading emails

You are invited to add your name to the email list for the Meditation and Gita Reading on our mailing list form. If you choose to do so, you will receive messages that include:

Dial-in to weekly Gita readings

We offer the weekly meditation and Gita reading via dial-in for those devotees who are unable to come to the Waltham center. Instructions for dialing-in are:

Important Note: To enhance the listening experience for all those on the call, we request that you mute your phone by pressing *6 after dialing in, or by pressing the "mute" button on your phone.

After the closing prayer: Please feel free to un-mute your phone if you wish to ask a question after the closing prayer. We will be on the line to listen to ideas/suggestions/problems so that we can continue to improve the quality of this offering going forward.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.