About Us

Boston has a special place in the history of Paramahansa Yogananda's work. It was here that he first landed in the United States in 1920, as an invited speaker at the International Congress of Religious Liberals. Paramahansaji made the Boston area his home for four years, giving lectures and teaching meditation techniques to a growing number of students.

A variety of New England cities and towns gave Paramahansa Yogananda his first taste of America. He and his students met in Davis Square in Somerville, Copley Square in Boston, and students' homes in Arlington and Brookline. Stories of Paramahansaji's early life in America also feature Waltham, Plum Island, North Adams, Worcester, Lexington, Medford, and Duxbury.

Today, members of the Boston Meditation Group comprise a diversity of countries, languages, religions, races, and ages. What brings us together is our search for God, which we find in our meditation practice and study of Paramahansa Yogananda's teachings. We enjoy this special form of fellowship and warmly welcome others to join us.